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Design ventless stove VENDOME between tradition and modernism


ventless stoves A-FIRE

Remote controlled vent-free stove Vendôme

Electronic ventfree stoves with remote control

A gentle warmth, an  elegant comfortable design mixing modernism and tradition, all  is done to ensure that your ventless stove gives you full satisfaction. Really easy to install because there is no flue, you can install this direct vent fire within a few minutes. Fill up the tank with bioethanol and press on  remote control....
That's it, now you will appreciate the beauty of flames from your sofa or your armchair with your friends and your family.

A green ventless stoves range

This ventfree stoves range doesn't produce any smoke or combustion residues. These vent free fires are running on bio ethanol, an eco-friendly alcohol made with plants.

CO² detector, heat detector,  blocking tank door during operation, LCD display, electronic ignition, remote control etc. 

Vendome flueless stove


VENDOME Technical data

Automatic ignition ordered by electrodes
Remote control and ON/OFF switch.
Co2 Safety infrared detector which stops the fire in the event of reaching the authorized levels
Errors are displayed on a LCD screen with audible alarm.  Electronic heat detectors.
A safety stainless steel remote burner. No flash when the fire starts. Electronic gauge.
Automatic electric pump of filling of the bio ethanol burner managed electronically.
Adapter 12V - 110-230 V  (50-60 Hz).
 Output: 2 700 W 9 000 BTU        Consumption: 0,4 L/h   0,11 Gal/hour        Tank capacity: 2,25 liters 0,6 Gal
SAFETY: manufactured to meet electronic direct vent stoves Standard

Vendôme is a ventless fire which doesn't require maintenance.
All these devices are electronically managed and equiped  with safety dsensors and remote control

 Ventless  stove "Vendôme".: dimensions:  High   95 cm ( 37,40 in. )    width: 53 cm ( 20,86 in. )
 Ethanol stove "Lafayette"  

remote control for ventless stove

Remote controlled ventless stoves range "A-fire",
A flueless stove between tradition and modernism design

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vent free stove 

Electronic direct vent stove VENDOME 



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No more mess tins filled
with alcohol !




AFIRE manufactures an extensive 
Wall fireplaces BEAUBOURG BE100 and large size BE150 endowed with the BL100 electronic insert




production, assembly and warehouse



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